Wishing on a Star?
Down-to-earth Strategies to Improve Your Star Rating and Deliver Better Outcomes
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In 2015, home health agencies received CMS Star Ratings for the first time. The ratings are now publicly listed on the Home Health Compare website. Only 2.6% of agencies received five-star ratings. What might have seemed at first like a simple, consumer-friendly rating system has turned out to be much more. Agencies are now primarily identified by their quality scores, and many of the ACA Care Models require specific Star Rating levels for participation. Clearly, Star Ratings are important. And wishing isn't the way to get yours to improve.

Join the most progressive speaker in home health today, Arnie Cisneros, PT (President of Home Health Strategic Management), for an exclusive, free webinar on-demand that will help you learn where to focus your efforts to improve your star ratings and deliver better clinical and financial outcomes.

Watch and Learn:

  • How CMS Star Ratings are determined
  • Specific strategies to improve your agency's rating
  • Other ways the metrics that determine your ratings are used
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Arnie Cisneros

President, Home Health Strategic Management
Arnie Cisneros, P.T., President of Home Health Strategic Management, is the most progressive speaker in home health today. He is renowned for his adaptation of traditional care philosophies to address current and future healthcare initiatives. Arnie has also become the leading clinical authority on the audit scrutiny that has come to the homecare industry. He authors the HHSM Newsletter and is a contributor to CARING magazine, and Decision Health publications.

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