The 10 Things You Need to Know
About the New Emergency Preparedness Rule

By Sharon S. Harder, President of C3 Advisors

Home health and hospice professionals play essential roles during disasters and other emergencies. Vulnerable patients still need care, no matter what happens. Meeting patients’ needs in times of emergency requires advance planning and a constant state of preparedness.

Now, CMS’s requirements about emergency preparedness are about to intensify and become part of the Medicare Conditions of Participation. Your agency must comply with the new rule by November 15, 2017. You need to begin now because the requirements are comprehensive. Successful implementation will take significant time, attention, and resources. A failure to plan is a failure to comply, and it can result in serious financial penalties, even loss of your agency’s license. Emergency preparedness will be a top priority in surveys.

In this new tip sheet, Sharon Harder highlights the top 10 things that all agencies need to know about the new emergency preparedness rule. The tip sheet even includes helpful worksheets that will make your planning process more efficient and effective. Don’t risk getting caught without a plan!

Read to learn:

  • What the new emergency preparedness rule requires of your agency
  • How to conduct a full risk assessment for your agency
  • How to identify the hazards most relevant to your agency

Can your agency weather the storm of new regulations? Download this important tip sheet to prepare now.


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