Welcome to the new, smarter era
of post-acute care.
Introducing Kinnser Business Insights®


Explore the new
era of insights


Use data to answer the toughest questions
and make decisions with confidence.

You’ve always known that your toughest business questions had answers. But the answers were hidden under a sea of data. Finding insights in all that information required complex data analysis. It was time-consuming and very expensive. Until now. Meet Kinnser Business Insights®.

With Kinnser Business Insights, you’ll know...

Which of my branches are growing the fastest?

Who is my strongest referral source?

How can I improve operational efficiency?

How can I improve clinical efficiency?

Are all of my financial projections being met?

And so much more.

All the benefits of advanced data analysis...
without all the complexity.

Kinnser Business Insights® allows you to easily transform agency data into actionable insights to optimize your business performance. Reduce costs, expand new revenue opportunities, allocate resources efficiently, and use data to drive better business decisions. And because Kinnser Business Insights is a cloud solution, you’ll monitor performance anytime, anywhere.

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Kinnser Business Insights, powered by Tableau®, not only lets you track the most important metrics of your business you’ll spot and correct problems before they occur. Easy to understand charts and reports will give you real-time visibility into average length of stay, discharge details, productivity, visit counts, case mix weight, revenue, average reimbursement per episode, and much more. Monitor performance by branch, insurance type, city, or state. Run reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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Visualize trends in ways that were not possible before – even with an army of data analysts. Get a clear picture of your company’s performance. Uncover hidden trends as you discover correlations between metrics that you may not have realized were connected. Easily compare performance between branches or over time. Use intuitive graphs, charts, and dashboards to fully engage with your business and make it stronger everyday.

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With smarter information, you can make better strategic decisions. Eliminate assumptions and lead your team based on factual information. Engage your team with easy to understand, visual reports that help them better understand their own performance. As you implement changes, get immediate data that will allow you to better evaluate your progress as you lead your agency to greater success.

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"Kinnser has hit a home run with Kinnser Business Insights. We are entering a smarter era of healthcare delivery where only the best-prepared providers will thrive. Agencies that are able to retrieve meaningful data and put it into action will be poised to optimize performance and become more competitive."

Sharon HarderSHARON HARDER  President, C3 Advisors, LLC


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