Understanding & Surviving Medical Record Reviews for Face-to-Face
Learn how to prepare your agency and avoid potential claim denials
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It’s not your imagination––CMS keeps changing the rules for Face-to-Face. And now, through the CMS “Probe & Educate” initiative, every agency (including yours) will receive five ADRs so auditors can scrutinize documentation and see how well agencies are complying.

If you’re feeling more probed than educated, you’re not alone! Whether you’ve already received your ADRs or are still waiting on pins and needles, there’s more to learn to achieve better results. Watch this important webinar with renowned consultant and healthcare leader Sharon Harder (C3 Advisors, LLC). Sharon will give you and your team critical information about how to respond to Probe and Educate ADR requests effectively.

Watch this webinar for specific guidance about: 
  • Preparing responses 
  • Reviewing records 
  • Updating processes, particularly concerning Face-to-Face documentation 

Don’t put your agency at risk. Ensure that your documentation of services is strong and capable of withstanding a review. This is one webinar you can’t afford to miss!





Sharon Harder

SHARON S. HARDER, President - C3 Advisors, LLC
Sharon S. Harder has over three decades of executive management experience in the healthcare industry. She has served in financial and operational leadership roles in a variety of healthcare organizations ranging from a major healthcare professional association to large post-acute healthcare providers. As President of C3 Advisors, LLC, Sharon engages with clients to develop and implement the strategic vision required to improve their profitability and competitive position in the rapidly transforming healthcare market place. Sharon is a popular speaker and writer. She recently authored an extensive eBook on Value-Based Purchasing. Learn more about Sharon Harder at

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