To prevent hospitalizations, you have
to predict them before they occur.
Introducing Kinnser RiskPoint®


Make quality outcomes
your agency's
competitive advantage.


Kinnser RiskPoint® is the Key
to Improving Outcomes

Kinnser RiskPoint® extends the power of the Kinnser Agency Manager EHR to deliver the first of its kind — a real-time, data-driven hospitalization management platform for home healthcare. With Kinnser RiskPoint, your agency can identify, monitor, and proactively intervene to enhance care for patients who are at highest risk of re-hospitalization. Not only is Kinnser RiskPoint an immediate competitive advantage, but quality initiatives like Value-Based Purchasing and Star Ratings ensure that preventing readmissions will be key to every agency’s future success.

"Kinnser RiskPoint® is like a compass ...

it points us toward the patients who are high risk and need extra case management, extra visits or extra care to stay out of the hospital. Kinnser RiskPoint is our guide to those patients who need the most attention.”

Vice President of Clinical Operations
Custom Home Health, Inc. - Royal Oak, MI

What Kinnser RiskPoint® can do for you

• Keep patients healthy and happy

• Improve referral relationships

• Empower clinical managers

• Lower your hospitalization rate

• Improve your Star Rating

• Gain a competitive advantage

In the value-based, quality-focused business of home health, your
clinical outcomes can be your biggest competitive advantage.

Use home health's largest dataset to make
home health's best care decisions.

How it works
Every day, Kinnser RiskPoint automatically analyzes hundreds of data points from each of your patients’ records to accurately assess his or her current risk of hospitalization. The results are displayed for you on an easy to use dashboard that lets you click into details and communicate with the clinical team to take preventative action. Kinnser RiskPoint’s intelligence is powered by an algorithm developed by a team of data scientists using the largest dataset in home health––2,100 individual data points from more than 3 million patient episodes in Kinnser, the most widely used software in home health.

 “Kinnser RiskPoint puts the tremendous power of data science and machine-learning technology into the hands of all home health providers for the first time--and the results thus far have been truly amazing. With this solution as their competitive advantage, our agencies will be able grow their businesses while also improving the lives of their patients.”

- Chris Hester
President and Founder of Kinnser Software.

76% of patient hospitalizations
are considered preventable

Avoidable hospitalization is a big problem. Each patient hospitalization costs Medicare an average of $11,200. Medicare is increasingly providing incentives to both hospitals and home healthcare agencies that reduce their hospitalization rates. Hospitals have faced Readmissions Reduction & Value-Based Purchasing penalties for years, but the introduction of the Home Health Compare Star Rating system and Home Health Value-Based Purchasing means these outcome-driven incentives––and pressures––are quickly coming to home healthcare.

How will you reduce your hospitalization rate and remain competitive?
Kinnser RiskPoint® can help.








Download information about new Kinnser RiskPoint® and a free white paper, Risk, Quality, Performance: Key Words for Future Success in Home Healthcare, by renowned healthcare consultant Sharon Harder of C3 Advisors, LLC.

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